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  • RocketU

    1 positive, 0 negative
    Licensed Unlicensed
    Type of SchoolIn-Class
    Total Cost$12,500
    Refund$4500 when you get a job
    FocusPython, HTML, CSS, Javascript
    Length12 weeks
    Class Size10-15
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  • #RocketU was an amazing experience for me, 100% recommended!

    ##RocketU was an amazing experience for me, and definitely took my programming skills to a whole new level, and led directly to a developer job offer the day after class was finished. I began working just a few days later. I couldn’t be happier.

    Before I joined the RocketU bootcamp I was doing freelance graphic design, building a lot of basic websites using Wordpress and doing front end UI development. For the last few years I had begun getting interested in learning more programming languages to build more complex applications.

    I had been on a number of coding sites soaking up the lessons, and getting a good base of knowledge. After a while though I began to see the missing pieces that I couldn't figure out on my own, and realized I needed some real instruction and focus to bring my skills up to the next level.

    I looked into and interviewed with a few other bootcamps here in San Francisco, and ultimately settled on RocketU for a number of reasons. The school is embedded in a huge technology campus, so you are meeting other startup entrepreneurs and developers all the time. The instructors from Yeti, Rudy and Baylee are amazing, not only contributors to the developer community, but active developers themselves. The curriculum is constantly being improved based on previous and current student feedback. Not to mention the rest of the amazing RocketU staff who are always helpful and encouraging!

    While I came into RocketU with some developer skills already, the bootcamp was very challenging and I found myself up late constantly, nailing down concepts and working on learning new things. Ultimately any kind of programming education and/or bootcamp is only limited by the amount of time and energy you put into it. If you are looking to gain a high-quality programming education, RocketU is a great choice! Tell them I sent you! And if you come in for a tour, stop by and say hello!