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  • RefactorU

    2 positive, 1 negative
    Licensed Unlicensed
    Type of SchoolIn-Class
    Total Cost$13,500 (Discounts and payment plans available)
    Deposit50% within 60 days of start. Full payment required prior to start.
    FocusBootstrap, CSS3, Git, Grunt, HTML5, jade, Jasmine, JavaScript, jQuery, JSON, MongoDB, Node.js
    Length10 weeks
    Class Size20-30
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  • So far good ..long way to go. Kudos guys

    This is in response to KM's review below.

    RefactorU values our students’ feedback and strives to deliver a world-class experience through our continuous improvement practices. The vast majority of our students and graduates are satisfied and quickly obtain employment (96% within 12 weeks), evidenced by our student outcomes survey.

    To set the record straight:

    All leading coding bootcamps are for-profit. Unlike most, RefactorU is privately held and entirely self-funded. What that means is we are not beholden to outside investors, so we can maintain our independence and manage growth carefully while maintaining a high quality experience.

    There is as yet no national accrediting body for coding bootcamps. We strongly support appropriate regulation to protect consumers, and we actively participate in industry initiatives to develop common standards. For example, RefactorU is one of nineteen leading bootcamps working with Skills.Fund to define standard student outcome metrics. RefactorU was the first bootcamp in Colorado to be approved by the Colorado Department of Education’s Division of Private Occupational Schools (DPOS) and was one of the first to be approved by the Colorado State Approving Agency for Veterans Education & Training because of our experience and commitment to quality.

    RefactorU values diversity and actively encourages enrollment of women, minorities and members of the LGBT community. More can be found on our blog. We enforce our classroom Code of Conduct and we investigate and appropriately address all allegations of misconduct. RefactorU is not a university. It is a self-directed, facilitated, adult learning experience. Learning to code is difficult, and students learn best by doing, not by listening to lectures. In addition to instruction and exercises, we prompt our students to become self-sufficient, relying on peers and outside resources to overcome challenges. Becoming resourceful is a basic skill web developers must adopt in order to be successful in the industry. We screen our prospective students to ensure they exhibit a level of desire, focus, tenacity and creativity that equips them well as students and as future software developers.

    Unlike many other bootcamps, we don’t expel students along the way because they don’t meet arbitrary, internally focused grading standards. We understand people learn at different rates and with unique learning styles, so our coursework is pass/fail by design. We believe students get out of learning what efforts they put into it, and when students struggle, we provide more resources, not fewer, to help them. We believe the student’s final project (whose public demonstration is a graduation requirement) is valuable proof of a student’s acquired skills. Prospective employers weigh technical ability heavily in their hiring decisions, making them the ultimate judge of RefactorU’s quality and the students we attract.

    Our students tell us that alumni feedback is an important factor when making their bootcamp decisions. We do not pay for reviews. RefactorU does offer a random drawing to encourage graduates to provide feedback, good or bad. We have no control over what alumni post and we ask them to be completely candid in their evaluations.

    We do not “place” graduates, nor do we guarantee jobs. In the same way we expect our students to exercise self-direction in their learning, we expect them to do the same when looking for employment. Our Career Services track offers a full suite of resources to help write resumes, update LinkedIn and GitHub profiles, prepare for technical and behavioral interviews, and shine during RefactorU-sponsored web development career fairs. These services are open to students and graduates alike. Further, we regularly and personally recommend the most promising students to our senior level contacts at Colorado tech companies. Given the extreme demand for coders (1,005 listings on for JavaScript Developers in Colorado as of this writing), we believe our graduates enjoy excellent job prospects. Our hiring outcome statistics bear this out.

    RefactorU stands behind its promises. We believe we offer something unique in the technology industry, and we recognize we can’t be all things to all people. We continue to improve on our solid performance, and as always, remain vigilant in our pursuit of excellence.

    Sean Daken, Founder and CEO

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