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  • Lighthouse Labs

    1 positive, 0 negative
    Licensed Registered with the PCTIA and are in full compliance
    Type of SchoolIn-Class
    Total CostBoth the Web Development course and the iOS course cost $8000
    FocusRails, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, Angular, Node, iOS
    Length8 weeks
    Class Size10+
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  • Lighthouse Labs makes no effort to hide the fact that it is a bootcamp, and when I signed up I was prepared for 8 exhausting, limit-pushing weeks of coding. What I didn't anticipate that these 8 weeks would also be exhilarating, inspiring and, pardon the cliché, life-changing in more ways than one. Lighthouse doesn't just teach you how to code but also how to think, how to work with people, how to manage your workflow and how to get a job. The instructors were fabulous and the people in my class were all fine individuals. In fact, I'm even sad that it's over now. I recommend this course to anyone who isn't afraid of a challenge and is willing to put in the hours and effort, because it is worth it.