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  • Hackbright Academy

    2 positive, 0 negative
    Licensed Unlicensed
    Type of SchoolIn-Class (women only)
    Total Cost$12,000
    Refund$4,500 via job program
    Length10 weeks
    Class SizeN/A
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  • I would recommend Hackbright to any woman--sometimes I have to remind myself that not everyone is as interested in tech as I am!

    I've written a lot of blog posts about Hackbright, but to break it down, this school changed my life. I was able to get a full-time engineer job offer within a week of graduating, and successfully negotiated for a higher salary. I think the reason I would recommend that women attend Hackbright over other schools is because having only women students makes it less daunting, and we were able to discuss the female experience in the industry and be prepared. Multiple mentors are great, and since women are in such high demand in the tech industry, a lot of focus is being paid to Hackbright. Also, after graduating, you are part of an ever-growing alumni group for life. If you get hired by a partnering company, some of your tuition is refunded.

    I graduated from the spring batch (2013) and I had a great experience with Hackbright. Before I joined I talked to some alumni and they were all enthusiastic and extremely pleased with their experiences as well which is why I joined.

    Hackbright also has partnerships with highly respected companies which results in a really high placement rate ~90%. I'm happy to report that I am part of that 90%!

    The 10 week program was tough but also extremely rewarding. If you're looking to make a jump into a new career, I highly recommend Hackbright!