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    Total Cost$3,400
    FocusRuby on Rails, PHP, Drupal, Java, JavaScript, Android
    Length4 months
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  • lizb · link

    TL;DR: Epicodus was a fantastic experience for me, and I would wholeheartedly recommend the program to anyone looking to learn how to code, up their skills, and/or make a career change.

    I started to write my review of Epicodus, then scanned the reviews already posted here, and pretty much all the positive things I wanted to say have already been said! Brace yourself for some repetition....

    I came to Epicodus mainly in order to change careers. I'd always liked programming but hadn't been able to study computer science formally in the past. I was on another career path entirely, but hating it the deeper in I got. A year ago, I decided to take a chance and pursue programming and software engineering on a 'non-traditional' path. I was certainly impressed initially with Epicodus's very affordable tuition and payment plan options, but wondered if the quality of the program could truly be so high for such an affordable price.

    After completing the program, I can definitely say that the quality of the curriculum and teaching was great overall. I also feel that the school makes a genuine effort to foster diversity in the program and bring in students from a variety of backgrounds, which was awesome. My class of 30 students was nearly half female, had several students who were visible minorities, and several who were non-visible minorities, including myself. There was also diversity in the ages of the students; I would estimate that the range of my class was early 20s to mid 40s, which was also a great asset.

    In addition to the great curriculum and classmates, the Epicodus internship program is an especially strong and unique aspect of the school. Epicodus has worked hard to make strong partnerships with companies that can provide real-world programming experience. In my case, I was especially fortunate. Only seven months ago, I had pretty much zero professional programming experience and knew only very basic HTML, CSS, and the tiniest amount of JavaScript. After three months of (intensive!) full-time study at Epicodus, I began my internship. And after four months as a full-time intern, I'm about to transition into a salaried, full-time software developer position at my company. I've certainly had a good deal of luck, and this is not the experience of every Epicodus grad, but I definitely feel that Epicodus has been a great springboard to opportunity for every member of my cohort. I really can't overstate how happy I am that I took the leap and that I chose Epicodus. There's no way I'd be where I am without the curriculum, support, and connections that the program provides, and the tuition is more than reasonable for all the benefits that come with enrolling. Do it!!

    You will find a new passionate at Epicodus like hundred students have done. This fantastic course just takes 4 months but give you all necessary background and sharp tools to jump into the coding market. After the course, they will help you going through processes of preparing for interviews, joining an internship and then finding a job. Epicodus is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    I started the course without any coding experience. I was overwhelmed at first 2 weeks but then I fell in love with coding quickly. Their lessons are easy to learn and upgrade my coding skills by days.

    I definitely introduce Epicodus to friends who are looking for a place to start a new great path.

    You will find a new passionate at Epicodus like hundred students have done. This fantastic course just takes 4 months but give you all necessary background and sharp tools to jump into the coding market. After the course, they will help you going through processes of preparing for interviews, joining an internship and then finding a job. Epicodus is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    I started the course without any coding experience. I was overwhelmed at first 2 weeks but then I fell in love with coding quickly. Their lessons are easy to learn and upgrade my coding skills by days.

    I definitely introduce Epicodus to friends who are looking for a place to start a new great path.

    Attending Epicodus has been a pivotal experience in my life. I had the time of my life: learning to program, getting to know my wonderful classmates, and having great support from the people who work there, but it wasn't a walk in the park. There were times I found it difficult struggling with new material every day, over the course of four months. However, by following the instructions in class, doing the homework, and ask my classmates for help, I have come out the other side with more than I ever thought I could learn.

    In class, we learned some of the industry's tools and techniques. The prominent of these was pair programming, programming with a partner. At times, it was the most challenging and rewarding way to program. Learning from each other and helping each other every day has made everyone a better programmer. By programming with others, I have built relationships that will last the rest of my career, too.

    After my class ended, Epicodus offer lots of help for finding jobs and practice for nailing interviews. I have never felt so prepared for an interview as I do now. It has been over a month out from our internships and most everyone from my class has a great job. I, myself, have had several promising leads and am currently expecting to receive an awesome opportunity with a great company by the end of this week.

    I truly feel lucky to have been a part of Epicodus and I would recommend it to my friends, family and anyone else looking for a positive, supportive place to make a big change in their life.

    If you're someone who wants to get into web development but don't know how, Epicodus is the place to be. The transition from learning the materials, to internship, and transitioning into the web development world has been smooth! But do note, you get what you put into it too! If you're only here for a job and not putting effort with what you're learning, then you're going to have a tough time looking for jobs and learning the materials! Employers will see that in your work/portfolio. Networking has also played an important part of my succcess. I met people who were in development during the course, volunteered to work on projects and etc..this helped strengthen my skills as an applicant for jobs. I had a nice fancy portfolio to show with my proven skills - my current employer told me my application was on top of the stack! So don't forget to be driven and keep up with your skills no matter where you are. Even with my current job, I still code and keep up with other skills I don't practice at work. I'm just that driven! :) I am happy with where I am now compared to 6 months ago before Epicodus. I work close to home, great hours, have a nice and professional team! I am forever grateful to Michael and the Epicodus team! :) Thank you and I'd recommend this to anyone!

    sajoy · link

    I moved across the country to attend Epicodus. Not because I was 100% sure it would be the stepping stone to a fruitful and fulfilling career, but because I had a feeling it would be a great place to grow and work on my programming chops. And it was. Epicodus isn't in the business of teaching you how to be the next "Rock Star" or "ninja," it's invested in creating a coding community of equality and kindness. There were a number of things that I especially appreciated about Epicodus and its team, including:

    1. the emphasis on growth-mindset. You will never, and are not even able to know everything about programming. What's important is that you feed your curiosity and know that you're always capable of learning. To start learning with that mindset, and be surrounded by people who share it is incredibly encouraging.

    2. the emphasis on kindness. In their code of conduct they point out that you will be working with people all day long, and should be able to handle that well. I'm an introvert, with a touch of social anxiety, but when I read about pair programming, I believed everything people said about learning more and learning quickly. Their call for people to at least try to be kind helped relinquish anxiety about being out of my comfort zone 40 hours a week.

    3. the diversity. As a minority (an Asian woman), not being in a room full of homogeneous people and minds was important to me. Epicodus makes it a point to have a variety of students (in terms of coding backgrounds, gender, sexuality, socioeconomic backgrounds, race, and age) which makes for a welcoming and inclusive environment.

    4. the team's responsiveness to feedback. In college, we would fill out end of the semester reviews about a class and its professor. At Epicodus, there was a survey every week about that week's curriculum and our teachers. Plus weekly one on one check-ins with the teachers. Epicodus is experiencing a lot of growth right now, and probably some growing pains, but I'm sure changes they make will be led by the relevant feedback provided by their students to better the program and grow right alongside them.

    Epicodus is not a sink or swim program. They don't expect you to have a background in coding. They do expect you to wake your brain up and put it to work! And along the way, they can help you actually understand how to be a coder, a student, a mentor, and a member of the tech community.  I started in January 2015 with one (traditional style) intro class and one unix class under my belt, and no computer to do extra research or projects(I had to borrow one to do my preliminary work). I quit my job as a property manager and dove right in. (Due to the nature of my job at the time, this means I also lost my housing. That's right, I did Epicodus as a homeless person. A very resourceful, couch-surfing, house-sitting homeless person) 
 Epicodus has a seriously humble, pragmatic, well-spoken and politically conscious leader. Epicodus is truly queer and trans friendly and Michael is on the front lines of bringing and keeping Women in Tech. I am not a person of color, so I can't speak to the experience of folks that are, but basically, the code of conduct pretty much says that rude jerks will not be tolerated, (I am paraphrasing there...) and Michael means it. If you are feeling excluded or picked on, tell Michael and he will end it. Beautifully. Pair programming daily is a part of the deal - and that can get kindof tedious. Not everybody matches up personality wise, BUT it also means you have an opportunity to see so many different points of view and work with all kinds of different ideas. (HINT: Always partner with someone new! It's very comforting to pair with folks you work well with, but you will learn more from the diversity of switching it up as often as possible.) Luckily, they also give you a break on Fridays to just focus on processing what you've learned all week. They throw dozens of different technologies at you throughout the course... Scary right? Why don't they just teach you one language, like Javascript, in depth, so you can feel confident about knowing it well when you are done? The Answer - Because you would be completely useless in most tech companies. 
 The software company I work for now, has no less than 20 different (and often changing) technologies that I touch every single day. If I was unable to adapt to the pace at which things change - I never would have gotten the job in the first place. I impressed my current boss during my internship by taking on a project they expected to be done in 2 weeks. I did it in 2 days. They extended my internship to give me a taste of a department I didn't have any experience in, and they gave me 4 projects to complete in 4 weeks. I did 3 of the 4 inside of 2 weeks, plus, 7 other side projects that happened to come up. My job offer was in by the end of the 3rd week. All because this program kept us hopping from project to project and tech to tech. I got used to being adaptable, thorough, focused, and communicative. Those skills, and a serious passion for programming, is all an employer needs from a junior developer.  Finally, I appreciate that Epicodus really really wants you to get a job when you are done - and they do everything in their power to make it happen. They reach out to the community and they let folks know that the pipeline problem would end - if they hired folks out of bootcamps. (HINT: We actually have more relevant coding experience than folks coming out of PSU with CS degrees. Subjective, I know, but it was a senior dev I know that said it. That comment did not include folks who have already gone all the way through the PSU internship program. We are not that far behind those folks either though.) 
 They make the internship thing happen for 60 people at a time. They host meetups. They bring in speakers from the community. They even brought me back as a speaker to talk about the internship process! They keep us engaged even after the program ends. I recommend this program to all of my friends, and I will happily, personally speak to anyone interested the program. I am a fan, obviously, but if you have concerns, I will be perfectly honest about the struggle side of things. Nothing this good comes without a price, and mine was a few moments of mental and emotional exhaustion (which had a LOT to do with outside factors -which of course everyone has at some point and you should reasonably prepare for)  You can find me on linkedin - if you would like to chat about it.

    Epicodus is one of the single best decisions I have ever made. My new career is more day-to-day enjoyable, more rewarding, the environment more relaxed, and yes, the pay is better, too. Meanwhile, I still regularly get together with my classmates, a remarkable network of friends. To understand just how wildly successful Epicodus is at what it does, there are a number of things you need to know, things that I personally found helped me.

    Without their deferred payment option (pay $200 up front, the rest after the class is done), I simply could not have attended Epicodus. While the intellectual diversity of the class is something Epicodus intentionally aims for, it's the follow-through of things like deferred payment that actually make it possible for the school to cast a wider net and allow more people to attend. The pre-class work online gave me specific, actionable goals so that I would know I'd be ready for Epicodus. Before that, I'd been going it alone, having more trouble figuring out what to learn than actually learning it.

    Epicodus takes advantage of a "flipped classroom," where your homework is to watch a class lecture/introduction to new material, and your classwork is the actual coding, right there where you can check in with instructors and other classmates. Pair programming helps accelerate everyone's learning. On my very first day I paired with someone who understood the command line and took the time to teach me; I was soon passing that information along to others. Ideas and discoveries ripple through the class as the environment allows for an easy dialogue. And this is where the diversity of the class really adds something special, a magic that I can't very well describe here. Where else can a writer and an MBA pop over to ask the meeting planner and mechanic how they solved that code challenge? Growth mindset is something you'll hear about a LOT at Epicodus. Taking a cue from the growing body of research that talent is more of an illusion than we realize, Epicodus has the attitude right to help you fight through the frustration of tough days (which everyone will have when learning something new). The best part for me personally was that the instructors have taken this to heart; when they come to help you with a problem, they're not really concerned about getting you an answer for That Problem. Instead, they use the problem as an example to help you figure out HOW to figure things out. They are constantly adapting/evolving. You'll have weekly one-on-one check-ins with instructors, and they're actually listening. The Epicodus team is constantly revising the curriculum to improve the experience, so each new class benefits from the one before. Some of those changes can be immediate; our class began to have more two-day projects during our Rails unit due to my and others' feedback that we wanted to dig deeper into some of our projects.

    The internships offer direct, immediate experience as the final quarter of the class. (Mine led directly to my job!) Epicodus is constantly growing its web of connections within the Portland coding community, and this means they constantly have a number of partners who take interns, come to job fairs, speak at events, and co-host other events. There's a team dedicated to helping place students into both internships and, afterwards, help them on the job hunt. In an industry where job openings for senior developers are sitting unfilled because there simply aren't enough experienced people, Epicodus is helping companies figure out that they're going to have to grow their own...and providing a number of us a leg up as we step in and say, "We're new, but we're ready to learn." Quite simply, Epicodus was a remarkable, positive experience, and it set me up for my current success, and more.

    I knew very little of the programming world before I attended Epicodus. In fact, I knew nothing at all. I was a poker dealer in Montana for 10 years and realized that my career path had no future. I have a child and I own a house so I needed something more secure for my family. I was soon scouring the internet for code schools that would be affordable and worth it to spend that much time away from home. I came across and I was convinced after reading her blog about her experience with Epicodus. Next thing I know I'm standing in front of 64 other kids that all shared the same goal... All I can say is that it's very difficult coming from no programming background. Difficult, but doable. Try hard to keep up with the day to day projects, absolutely do the homework every night and no matter how you feel or if things aren't making sense, just keep at it and it will click at some point. Stay positive and and have fun and you should have no troubles. Oh and sleep sometimes too.

    I graduated from Epicodus earlier this year, and it was a wonderful, positive experience.

    I went into the course with minimal knowledge of programming, and came out with the confidence to teach myself anything. The curriculum lays a good groundwork to start from, and the environment is very collaborative and supportive.

    My favorite thing about Epicodus is the staff. Michael really cares about the students and the mission of Epicodus, and the teachers were absolutely wonderful. I would definitely do the whole experience over again if I could.

    I will always consider my time at Epicodus to have been a key turning-point in my life. I drove alone in Winter across the country, from Baltimore, Maryland to Portland, Oregon, because Epicodus was one of the few schools who had a payment deferment program for students who couldn't afford to pay upfront, which I really needed in order to even be able to attend. I actually couldn't even afford the gas money to get there; I'm blessed to have generous friends who sponsored my trip on GoFundMe. Web development and art are two subjects I'd always been interested in, but also considered myself not good enough, or smart enough, or privileged enough to pursue 'seriously', and limited myself to just doing work with them as a hobby.

    I worried constantly that I still would never be good enough, even after I was accepted and started the program at Epicodus. Thankfully, I was quickly overwhelmed by how welcoming and engaging Michael, the director, and the rest of the staff and teachers were. They took a very positive, progressive approach, and strongly discouraged any negative talk - including negative self-talk. I have PTSD, severe anxiety, and morbid depression, and I'm endlessly grateful for the positive, empathetic, and inclusive support that the educators at Epicodus provided to me. Sometimes the stress and anxiety would get overwhelming and trigger migraines, but the classes are set up in such a way that you can access everything online, and Michael and my teachers were very understanding and flexible in allowing me to work from home when I had especially challenging days.

    The classwork and program itself was excellent. Michael takes great pains to listen to and respond to student feedback, and refine parts of the program to make them more effective. Everything for class is conducted online and organized into units that build on one another, and the materials include video lectures, video and text tutorials, and links to outside resources, which is especially great if you want to revisit certain things or get ill. Videos are also transcribed, which I especially appreciated. I'm hard of hearing and having a textual reference to refer to when I missed something was fantastic.

    In the end, I of course didn't need to worry about whether I'd ever be good enough. Before I even finished the program, I had secured a job back home in Maryland, working as a web designer. I didn't even do the internship portion of the program at Epicodus - I just went straight to full-time, with-benefits work. I'm so grateful that Epicodus was able to give me the training, preparation, and above all, the self-confidence I needed to finally begin a career that I'm happy to go to everyday.

    I attended Epicodus last summer. I had very little coding experience. The first day of class I felt completely overwhelmed with the amount of information. It is now a year after I began attending Epicodus and I have had a full time salary tech job for three months. Epicodus was a quick way to get the skills necessary to get a job as a developer. One difficult thing about it is the student to teacher ratio. When I attended I think there were 60 students and 2 instructors. This meant that you didn't get a lot of one on one time with instructors. However every day you pair with another student. Some days my partner was more advanced, some days less, some days we were about even. If you want to learn the skills you can learn a lot from other students in the program.

    Working as a developer is a culture and I think it just takes some time to get used to the culture and decide if you want to be a part of it or not. As a developer you spend a ridiculous amount of time in front of a computer. My first exposure to this was with Epicodus where you are in front of the computer at least 7 hours a day 5 days a week. There are meetups every week, different languages and frameworks that people use and are involved with etc. I didn't start doing well in interviews until I became interested in coding and the whole culture. I have found that it is not really just a job. I think I would have had an easier time in Epicodus and my internship if I was already excited about and committed to being a part of the culture. So what I'm saying is that Epicodus is a great program. I learned a lot, but I would recommend studying how to make websites, write code etc. on your own for a while before attending.

    Also, they will put in a lot of work to help you find a job. They worked with me for months after the course was over, making introductions, helping me set up interviews. I really appreciated that, and overall I thought it was a great program.

    I had a great experience with Epicodus. I moved from out of town to attend the program and it provided a great environment for making new friends. The teachers were very helpful and always pushed students to ask meaningful questions. This formulation developed thought patterns that allowed us to grow as students from helpless to empowered. Cooperation and communication are core values of Epicodus, and the pair programming reinforces these fundamental programming skills. I can’t imagine diving into programming any other way than with a partner. Having a partner allows you to learn how to talk about programming and it also keeps you focused because you are accountable to your partner and less likely to goof off. Pairing with a different student each day diversifies your communication skills even more. These by products of pair programming were vital to the success of the program, and I wholeheartedly back Epicodus as a proponent of the method. The space itself was very nice. Bright, high ceilings, everyone in one big room chattering about programming. It gave me energy to work everyday. The program is also very focused on helping students get placed in internships with companies on the Portland area. They bring in a bunch of companies and you get to interview with a couple of them that you found interesting. After the internship phase ends, they continue support by helping you reach out to companies looking for jr devs. Anyone looking to get into web development. This is the code school for you.

    I worked for 7 years as a meeting planner. I had a good job with good pay, but knew it wasn't the right fit for me in the long run. I knew I wanted to go back to school for awhile, but the thought of going to class for a few years and spending loads of money for some sort of new degree was in no way appealing. Fortunately I found the Epicodus program. No one talking at you from the front of the room (yay!) - instead you are living the life of a programmer from day one, which in itself is the biggest lesson one needs to learn when starting this line of work. The growth mindset that Epicodus helps preach has helped influence multiple aspects of my life and I am grateful to have been (and still am) surrounded by the support and positive/healthy attitude from everyone affiliated with the program. The class goes by fast and moves quickly through content, and it can be mentally and physically taxing. Knowing I was doing this for myself and my future definitely helped me through, and it helped develop a frame of mind that one needs on the job. You can only learn so much in 5 months, so being able to prove your ability and mentality to learn on the job is a huge aspect that I was able to take away from this experience.

    I signed up for Epicodus because I wanted to transition out of marketing roles at venture-backed startups into a more technical role.

    I got just what I wanted at Epicodus.

    The classroom environment was collaborative, and each day we worked in pairs solving difficult coding challenges. Our reading and video homework was completed at night or over the weekend, so we could spend valuable classroom time coding.

    At the end of the class, I was contacted by an engineering-focused development shop, DevelopmentNow, for an internship opportunity. Together with two of my classmates, we worked on a Backbone.js mobile responsive client project, and we were all hired by the end of the second sprint. I was really excited to be an employed junior developer just a few weeks after class ended.

    I learned more that just coding skills at Epicodus. I learned how to work on a project with multiple developers with git flow. I also learned how to make scope adjustments in projects and what the tradeoffs really would be - considering we only had a day or two to work on each project.

    I'm also super impressed with the school's dedication to student diversity. As a women in tech, I really care about companies and schools like Epicodus that fully embrace minority student outreach in the tech industry.

    I would recommend this school to any self-motivated person who wants to change careers with a little help from a community of fellow learners.

    I love my Epicodus family (shout out to the Winter 2015 Ruby cohort). I am extremely happy with what Epicodus provided me. If you are considering attending a code school, I think you would be hard-pressed to find a better value anywhere else in the US. Epicodus gave me a leg up on a career change into web development, taught me how to tackle difficult coding problems, and showed me that I am capable of teaching myself new languages and frameworks. In the Portland area (and perhaps beyond) Epicodus has a reputation of graduating successful developers that follow best practices and pick things up quickly. This is not by accident. The staff is caring and from the top down everyone wants to give you what you need to succeed as a developer, including staff dedicated to facilitating your initial job hunt once you’ve graduated. Emphasis is on pair programming, which translates into the ability to work with people from different backgrounds, to contribute as part of a team, and to explain what your code is doing. It also results in the class partially teaching itself (as novel techniques disseminate through the classroom with each new pairing). I came into the program with a small amount of experience programming in other languages, but not a lot of confidence in my abilities. As with any code school, your personal motivation to become a developer is the most important ingredient. Having a computer background helps, but I also saw fellow students who came in with little or no background excel through hard work. The pace at Epicodus was reasonable, the night homework was generally 15 - 90 min. I have zero regrets about my decision to attend and I am optimistic and excited about the opportunities now available to me as an Epicodus graduate.

    I consider Epicodus to be one of my most influential life experiences of the past decade. The phenomenal curriculum, stellar teaching staff and hands-on approach to learning gave me a solid foundational understanding of programming that I continue to build on. I use this knowledge constantly in my current capacity as a Technology Consultant; supporting clients in finding and using the most appropriate apps/technology for their needs and abilities.

    Epicodus catapulted my understanding of programming and boosted my confidence in problem solving. But the icing on the cake was how well I was taken care of after the program was over. Michael Kaiser-Nyman, President of the school, contacted me on a regular basis to support me in finding work. He gave me feedback on my resume and cover letters, and was my cheerleader through many interviews. Once I started working, he still sent me an email every few months just to follow up and see how things were going. This sort of care is so uncommon, and I really appreciated how supportive it was (and continues to be).

    Here are the facts about my time at Epicodus:

    1. I got a job as a consultant at a Ruby on Rails shop within a week of graduating and has opened the door to a career.

    2. This was by far the most I ever enjoyed a class of any kind. I could not wait to wake up get to class and start coding.

    3. I made a bunch of great friends.

    If you were to ask me if Epicodus was worth it I would answer that it is a no brainer. Absolutly worth every minute and dollar I spent.

    I came into Epicodus, physically, with nothing. However, I did come with a passion for coding and a desire to learn. It quickly turned into the best experience I could possibly have. It is exemplary in teaching you the skills needed. This is shown even moreso in how Michael has continued to offer cohorts for students that fall into disciples other than the typical RoR and JS setup. He truly wants to play it to what the market needs and is best for the students.

    My class was very successful. Everyone has done well afterwards, and I'm doing amazing in my career and keep growing. And Epicodus doesn't only just teach you how to code. Michael is completely dedicated to virtues like diversity, lack of discimination and sexism, and other matters of that nature and it shows. It is the most friendly, inviting room in PDX and I believe it will be that way a long while.

    raouf · link

    I rarely write reviews about products or services I purchased. However, I am making an exception for Epicodus because it was such a positive and amazing journey for me. I searched all the programs available at the time (late '13) and Epicodus was the only 4 month program, by far the longest and also cheapest program out there. I knew that i needed at least 4 months to learn programming. While I do I have a BS and MS in Information Technology, i was by no mean a programmer. I was successful in my career but deep down the work did not excite me any longer, and I I decided to do something about it. Right after my interview with Michael, I knew that Epicodus was IT.
    I have lots of respect and love for Michael. He's one of the most genuine and kind hearted persons I've met. Michael allowed every student to pay AFTER the end of the class and that WITHOUT even asking for your ssn, dob or anything… How amazing is that in today's world? All other schools demand a credit report before even considering to put you on a payment plan.
    To me, these schools are businesses and not learning institutions. Epicodus is a learning institution. I would do the program all over again in a heart beat if I could. I loved the vibe of the city, the people, the beer, the daily tech meet ups, the gorgeous hikes and I am certain you will too.

    All the best, Raouf

    I went to Epicodus after working in a few different unsatisfying careers and thinking I might like to code. Of all of the bootcamps I researched, Epicodus seemed to provide the best value in terms of knowledge gained vs. price, not to mention it’s situated in the heart of the “Silicon Forest” of Portland, OR, a city buzzing with techies and tech companies.

    The environment differed from any other formal schooling I’ve been to in that the onus was definitely on me, the student, which is as it should be. What I mean by that is the lessons were given as homework to be read and/or watched on video at home at night, then the following day activities and projects were given to reinforce the learning from the previous evening.

    All programming was tackled in pairs to help avoid some of the hair-pulling frustration associated with getting “stuck” on a problem. This also helped us get to know our classmates better, thereby building our network.

    The curriculum is constantly updated to stay current and provide the best information available. In fact, lessons would occasionally even be updated the same day they were being taught.

    Instructors were knowledgeable and helpful. Michael, the head of the program, and some of his assistants helped set up month-long internships with local code shops in the area at the end of the program to help us gain real world experience. During those internships, we also focused on getting resumes and LinkedIn profiles setup and fine-tuned to prepare for the job hunt.

    All told, I learned Ruby on Rails, JavaScript, jQuery and some SQL in 4 months, made a bunch of new coding friends, and got a job making decent money, all because of Epicodus. I’d call that Success! I would recommend (and have already recommended) Epicodus to anyone wanting to learn programming.

    amyvs · link

    I came to Epicodus with a graduate degree in the arts, and a desire for a more prosperous career and lifestyle. My time spent at Epicodus was worth every second, and their job placement team is unlike any that I’ve experienced before in academia. Epicodus’s dedicated staff checked in with us weekly, kept us informed of new job postings and network opportunities, provided empathy, and helped us stay positive. Thanks to this amazing and supportive team, I landed an sweet new developer job with a company that suits me perfectly!

    Attending (and surviving) Epicodus has been one of the greatest accomplishments of my life. I arrived knowing HTML/CSS and how to make a simple if/else statement -- nothing more. I was definitely driving the strugglebus for the first two months of the program. It's hard work, don't let anyone say otherwise. You have to work for it if you want it, but that's why Epicodus is so great -- the instructors and the owner, Michael have built a very supportive environment. Epicodus is designed around pair-programming and a D.I.Y. attitude. It's unconventional, yes, and I was a bit jarred by the structure at first, but you have to find your groove. I chose Epicodus because I believed in the owner's vision of making tech as accessible and affordable to anyone who has never had the luxury of being exposed to it before. As for job prospects, let's just say this little engine could and I am gainfully employed thanks to the efforts and continuous support from the Epicodus staff. It's been a good ride.

    If you're just getting started with programming or struggling to learn it on your own then Epicodus is definitely the way to go. Without prior coding experience working a full-time job, it was quite a challenge to get myself going on programming. After a few months of wrapping my head around with Javascript and Ruby, I realized that in order to accelerate my learning process and make it more fun I needed to collaborate with other self-learners like me and make my studying full-time. Here's where Epicodus comes in.

    The course is structured that way that you get challenged enough every day by working on real projects with a partner. The instructors are always around to make sure that nobody gets stuck and to clarify any stuff you don't understand. After finishing each section you are encouraged to complete a coding assignment (it is not required but highly recommended). This way you can indicate whether you’re ready to move on or need to spend a few more days on the previous stuff and also get a feedback from instructors on your piece of art :) There are also weekly check-ins with instructors to make sure that you’re doing alright and going at the right pace. Michael, the founder of Epicodus, and the instructors always try to make students’ experience better, so any ideas and feedback from students are taken into account.

    At the end of the program most of the students (if not all) get a one-month internship in one of the local companies. Some of them get hired there afterwards. For those who don’t Epicodus provide job support by sending out new opportunities daily, setting up mock-up interviews, checking in cover letters and resumes. After finishing my internship, I spent about a month before I landed my first job.

    Epicodus was the best learning experience I’ve ever had and I can’t emphasize it enough. I recommend it to anybody who want to learn how to code and start a new career in programming.

    I picked Epicodus because at 17-weeks it was the longest of any other bootcamp I could find. This was important to me as it meant we would spend more time digging into the programming languages, developing good habits, building more projects, and exploring more technologies.

    This type of in-depth immersion into programming gave me the skillset to build and develop applications, side-projects, and interact with other professional developers with confidence.

    Employers could tell Epicodus produces great talent as I landed a full-time software engineering position in Atlanta within a month of graduating.

    I recommend Epicodus to anyone looking to become a professional developer and want to get the most bang for their buck. Epicodus sets real-world expectations but over-delivers on results.

    Before Epicodus I was working freelance in the entertainment industry and knew nothing about web development. I decided to take the risk and move to Portland to take Epicodus.

    Curriculum: The course is set up so you watch videos at night and work through various problem sets during school hours. There were times that I was frustrated when I didn't get clear answers from the instructors but have come to appreciate that a lot. They were teaching us how to problem solve. The course is set up to help you get a job as a developer and I've definitely used the problem solving skills I learned at Epicodus at my new job. We learned by pair programming. While I was nervous with pairing with a stranger everyday, I quickly found some great friends in my program. I'm pretty sure I learned as much from my classmates as the instructors.

    Job Support: At the end of the course, the instructors helped us with our LinkedIn profiles, resumes and online presence in general. I never felt like I was floundering while searching for jobs. Epicodus was there helping me find job openings and helping me with my interview skills. Even though I'm in Washington DC right now, I know that if I ever wanted to return the area that Epicodus would be there for me to help me out in my job search.

    Overall I had an amazing experience at Epicodus. Be ready to be thrown in and don't expect a lot of hand holding. Even though you might not understand why some days are not more structured, in the end I believe it's made me a better developer. Epicodus is 100% the reason I've been able to transition careers smoothly. The price is also an amazing part of the program. I moved to Portland and paid for the course and I still ended up paying less some more expensive bootcamps.

    aaron · link

    I attended Epicodus not knowing what to expect or what I would get out of it. Now, looking back, I can accurately say that Epicodus teaches the right way. The program is designed to provide structure and support without coddling or providing more than necessary. The best way to learn is through experience and Epicodus enabled me to experience failures in a way where I felt secure enough to push through them on my own but had the support of students and staff there to support me if I needed it. The program pays great attention to providing you with professional opportunities after it ends through their internship program and even to this day almost a year later I still am contacted by the staff asking how I'm doing, if I need anything and keeping me plugged into their network. If you're on the fence, apply already.

    I entered Epicodus as a complete beginner. I had studied and prepared for class, but other than that, I zero background in anything related to computer science. Epicodus is an intense 40hr/wk Javascript/Ruby on Rails class that involves pair programming every day, along with extensive practice with test driven development. The best part about Epicodus is the hands-on learning every single day. No lectures, just coding all day long, which is great preparation for a programming job. I know I learn best while actually making and creating things, and this was no different. Our teachers were supportive and helpful, but even more than that, they had a great sense of when to help us, when to give us some thinking points to prod us along, and when to let us figure it out for ourselves. Epicodus has a wonderful staff who are dedicated to doing all they can to help junior devs get their start in the tech industry. I had an excellent internship experience, which Epicodus organized. Quitting my job and attending Epicodus is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

    Epicodus was a really good way to get my mind online. I did Epicodus in my first summer after graduating from architecture school — I naturally gravitate toward designing experiences and systems, but I realized about halfway through my degree that I was in the wrong domain and I wanted to move toward making digital things. I just needed a good environment in which to start learning, and Epicodus provided that for me.

    I already had an pretty strong interest in the web before going. Hadn't made much with code before, but I had a rudimentary understanding of the bones of the web, and a weird background in studying philosophical issues of the internet (like property, privacy, identity, etc) so that was helpful. Also had an high-level understanding of visual design from my degree, but take note that Epicodus isn't focused on cultivating or building design skills.

    I treated Epicodus like an investment in myself — I was hoping to get a development job afterward (I did), but I figured that at the very least, I would be able to build my own web experiments and use those to show prospective employers my process for other projects.

    Pair programming every day, well-designed curriculum, help when you need it, other learners around you, an awesome location, and a lot of career support. My internship company hired me so I didn't do a lot of interviewing aside from the rapid-fire week of internship interviews, but I'm employed and that's awesome considering I didn't know how to code six months ago.

    In Portland alone, there’s no shortage of web development course to choose from. Epicodus really stands out due to the learning environment, post-graduation support, and value.

    The course is structured around pair programming with fellow students. You learn a lot about problem solving, patience, and how to relate to all different types of people when you code full-time all day with a partner. In addition to help from in-class instructors, there are weekly talks from folks in the web development community. I learned an incredible amount about programming in three months and built up a substantial portfolio of sample work, but the most important thing I learned is how to learn how to program. Languages and frameworks are always going to change, and Epicodus helped me develop the skills to keep learning.

    Most students have the opportunity to do a month-long internship when the course is over. I was lucky enough to get a job at the company I interned for, but the Epicodus staff works very hard to find and create opportunities for their students as junior web developers at local companies. I had relatively little experience with programming before starting Epicodus, and one of my biggest worries was not finding a job after the class was over, but there’s a ton of demand in Portland for folks with the skills and experience my fellow students and I gained.

    The time and money investment was relatively low compared to other schools--and especially compared to college courses--and it definitely paid off. I can’t recommend it highly enough!

    I entered Epicodus as a complete beginner. I had studied and prepared for class, but other than that, I zero background in anything related to computer science. Epicodus is an intense 40hr/wk Javascript/Ruby on Rails class that involves pair programming every day, along with extensive practice with test driven development. The best part about Epicodus is the hands-on learning every single day. No lectures, just coding all day long, which is great preparation for a programming job. I know I learn best while actually making and creating things, and this was no different. Our teachers were supportive and helpful, but even more than that, they had a great sense of when to help us, when to give us some thinking points to prod us along, and when to let us figure it out for ourselves. Epicodus has a wonderful staff who are dedicated to doing all they can to help junior devs get their start in the tech industry. I had an excellent internship experience, which Epicodus organized. Quitting my job and attending Epicodus is one of the best decisions I’ve made.

    Epicodus has a curriculum that is targeted to help all students with diverse levels of web development knowledge. Plus all the instructors genuinely believe all their students can become great web developers. It is a very positive place to learn web development at a healthy pace without putting in insane hours. I definitely benefited from Epicodus.

    Epicodus was an excellent way to start my career as a programmer. I have my degree in Marketing and worked in an office for a few years before deciding I wanted to move on and try something else. While going back to school, a friend of mine told me about her experience at a web development bootcamp. After a bit of research online, and a lot of support from my husband, I decided to apply to Epicodus (it had a more diverse curriculum and for a much better price than the other programs I found online). The choice between spending $50K and 3 years earning a second degree or attending a 4 month long bootcamp for a fraction of the price with skills I could use right away, was easy.

    Prior to the program I had basic HTML and CSS skills and by the end I had a well rounded full stack familiarity. The program is challenging - 8 hours every day paired with a partner trying to figure out programming problems can be wearing - but the effort is definitely worth it. We had access to Michael and two instructors when we had questions. They do a great job of giving you the space and encouragement to solve things on your own, but guide you in the right direction when you really need help.

    Michael and the instructors spent countless hours setting up internship opportunities for each Epicodus student. I got a three month long summer internship with a great company in downtown Portland when the program was complete. I am now working alongside my husband, a senior developer, on our own web development company as well as working on our first consumer web product. I would highly recommend Epicodus to anyone considering a career in programming.

    Epicodus is a fantastic bootcamp. The cost is very competitive, and the quality of instruction is absolutely first rate. I joined the program in the spring of 2014, and got my first paying programming job 2 months after I graduated. It wasn't an easy walk in the park though. When I finished the program I spent most of my days developing a side project and most of my nights sending out applications until I finally landed that job. But Epicodus was right there by my side every step of the way even after graduation. As long as you're willing to put in the work the staff at Epicodus is willing to support you as best they can. They're just as invested in your success as you are.

    I had a great experience at Epicodus in Portland. The instructors were top-notch and it cost less than most boot camps I’ve heard about. Folks pair pretty much every day, which I thought I’d find annoying, but I came to really appreciate the benefits of pairing—especially in interviews!

    Within three months of graduating, I was a full time junior developer making 50% more than I made before I attended bootcamp. My educational background was in the liberal arts before I went to dev bootcamp, so I was starting pretty fresh with just one programming class in C# to call my name! I never coded outside of class (though I am sure I would have come out even stronger if I had--many did that), which some people worry about, I guess. I would say there can be an unstated peer pressure to do it, BUT the staff/instructors are REALLY good at trying to persuade folks not to learn and do it all outside the classroom. They wanted us to learn together. I took them at their word and rested my brain at night (after watching any brief homework videos)! I still dreamt in code! I was a slow mover, and I rarely drove when we paired, but I felt I learned more on days when I didn’t finish everything. I was perfectly fine with not being one of the fast ones who knew ALL THE THINGS!

    Epicodus wasn't very selective when I joined (thank goodness!), but even so, only two people that I paired with were clearly weaker programmers, and we worked with new people just about every day for three months before our internships.

    I was hired by a company that came to our job fair. So, my current success is really all about Epicodus, and I am so glad I did it. Changed my life! 10/10, would attend again!

    Attending Epicodus is one of the best decisions I have ever made. Everything about the class perfectly prepares you for the working world. The learning environment emulates the workplace so well that transitioning to a job afterwards was effortless. The curriculum heavily focuses on programming concepts and learning how to learn that even if you are studying in Ruby on Rails (as I did) you can easily pick up another language to excel at whatever job comes your way post-Epicodus. Last, and certainly not least, are the people. Every member of the Epicodus team helps to create the perfect environment, built to challenge you on a personal level, as well as foster incredible connections with your classmates and the programming community as a whole. All of which will last long after the Epicodus class has ended. Anyone who is remotely interested in programming would greatly benefit from attending Epicodus.

    Epicodus delivers on its promise of preparing you for a career as a web developer. The focus on core developer skills such as Object Oriented Design and Test Driven Development helped me become a strong contributor at my job very quickly.

    What I think makes the program stand out from the crowd is that it delivers all this value without breaking the bank and without making you spend 80 hours a week in class. It is focused, it is efficient, and it gets the job done.

    I was interested in coding for a while and started teaching myself, but wasn’t making very good progress until I came across Epicodus. Two of the factors that helped me decide to take the plunge and enroll were price and location. I can easily say that this was the best decision I have ever made. Last year I gambled, left my job and moved to Portland in the hopes of becoming a developer. Epicodus took what I was teaching myself and pushed it into overdrive.

    What is the secret recipe? 1 - Start with one amazing instructor 2 - Sprinkle in former students with great knowledge and experience in the program 3 - Add an excellent curriculum and 4 - Supplement with eager students that come from different walks of life with the common goal of becoming a developer

    Michael Kaiser-Nyman is extremely talented and invested in ensuring that everyone has a great experience at Epicodus. He truly cares for everyone’s mental as well as emotional state when going through this bootcamp. There is a genuine sense of family when you are at Epicodus and that is sparked by Michael’s leadership and values. It’s not just about learning it is also about becoming a better person. Michael tirelessly worked to make connections for every student in the Portland tech scene. Michael set up internships at Portland tech firms which led to employment for many students and scheduled weekly talks from industry professionals and former students. Michael also always kept students in the loop about meetups and encouraged our participation. All of this immerses you in the field so much more than just learning the concepts on their own.

    One of the strengths of Epicodus and a testament to this idea of family is that Michael has employed former students as teachers in the program to assist him in explaining concepts and also as a constant visual reminder that - yes it is possible. The team assisting him is approachable and are a TREMENDOUS help in navigating the daily waters of learning at Epicodus. They had a knack for guiding us all towards the answer we were looking for without just telling us so that we could work through the issues and understand better. The feeling of accomplishment when reaching the solution to a difficult problem was great. High fives around the room once a difficult problem was solved were not uncommon! The idea is that, to be a programmer, you have to think like a programmer and the only way to get there is to fight through the tough problems and come up with a solution on your own as much as possible. This I feel is one of the things that prepares Epicodus students so well for success in the real world.

    The curriculum is great. It was accessible for someone like me who had never programmed in their life before coming to Epicodus, but was also challenging enough for other students who came to Epicodus with experience in programming. The curriculum always starts with the basics and then takes this concepts and continues to build upon what you learned the day before. We covered many topics and were given great challenges to learn a concept. We were always taught how to create something from the ground up so that there is a firm understanding of how and why something works. There is a strong emphasis on testing and writing clean, DRY code.

    Pair Programming is central to the experience at Epicodus and was a huge help to me. At the start of the day we would select a pair who we would program with for the whole day and we were encouraged to select a different pair as much as possible. This is great because by working with someone new everyday, you get to see different perspectives, work on skills together and push each other to places you probably would not have gone on your own. It also places a great focus on the value of communication with your pair which helps you learn so much quicker. There would be days where I was stuck and would learn from my pair, there were days where my pair was stuck and by virtue of explaining my thought process and talking about a solution I got a better understanding of the concept too. Finally, there were many days where both of us would be stuck and we would fight through the problem together. I cannot fully express how valuable pairing was and how much it helped me learn in such a short period of time. It was great!

    I am very happy I took the gamble and enrolled at Epicodus. Without Michael and his team, I could have never jumped into the career I wanted and changed my life. Epicodus not only gave me the knowledge base but also helped created connections and helped me to start thinking like a developer which all contributed to me currently being employed as a software engineer. I highly recommend Epicodus. It was an amazing experience!

    eli · link

    I worked in technology as a web designer. Software development was not foreign to me in that I had exposure to it. Epicodus gave me the immersion that I needed to jump start my learning and move my career up a notch into being a developer.

    It was inexpensive, which meant I did not have to take a loan to go there. I could focus on learning instead of losing sleep on how I would afford the bootcamp. Portland has an amazing technology community and was pleased to call it home for a few months and sad to leave.

    Anyone who know Michael, the proprietor, knows he genuinely cares about what he is doing and is passionate for all the right reasons you would expect.

    I am a graduate of the Epicodus Spring ’14 class, and I can honestly it changed my life. I was working as a business analyst (translation, spreadsheets all day every day) and found myself itching to get into more of a development role. I knew some SQL from my data analysis experience and I had taken a semester of C++ in college so I knew how much I was drawn to the beautiful logic of coding, but I really felt like a kid playing in the sandbox when it came to writing usable, efficient code and never dreamed I could actually gain the skills necessary to be a real live software developer. Going back and getting a second bachelor’s degree in Computer Science was out of the question because I didn’t want to spend 4 years and tens of thousands of dollars. I looked at self-directed resources online, but none of them seemed to have the real hands-on training necessary to actually land a job and it required more self-discipline than I knew I was capable of.

    Then I found Epicodus. After only 4 months and only $3400 in tuition (much less than CS degree programs and even other code schools), I went from barely knowing any code to being employed as a contributing member of a software development team as an intern (I was later promoted to a full-fledged developer).

    How did I learn everything I needed to know in 4 months? Well the answer really is, I didn’t. Four months was enough to get a grasp of Ruby, Rails and JavaScript, but by no means was I an expert in any of those by the end. What I really took away, was the ability to figure out anything I came across that I didn’t know. If we didn’t know how to do something, or couldn’t figure out why something, we spent 20 minutes googling, or reading documentation, or asking our peers before any instructor swooped in to give us the answer. If I had been trying to learn on my own, those moments of frustration could easily have turned into giving up. But because I had the support of 59 other people in the same position as me, learning with me, I pushed through those moments of frustration and got to experience the moments of elation when you figure out what you had been missing.

    In addition to having the support of classmates, the instructor support at Epicodus is amazing. Not only was I supported throughout the course while I learned, but once it was over, I knew they had my back in finding a job. I was lucky enough to be hired by the same company where I was placed for my Epicodus internship, but I know they did everything possible to make sure all of my classmates found positions as well.

    Ultimately, because I chose to attend Epicodus, I am now in a career that is immensely gratifying and intellectually stimulating and I would recommend it to anyone looking to get into software development.

    Epicodus is a great coding school to attend for many reasons. I had a great experience, built a new passion, and found a cool job with a great company! Here are some reasons I loved Epicodus:

    Great price - Look at other coding schools prices and you see what a value Epicodus is. Considering the length of the school, guaranteed internship, the job search support and help in place, it can’t be beat.

    Great teachers - Epicodus has teachers, but they are not there to tell you how to do it. The teachers help you to find the answer itself with thought provoking discussion and patience and guiding you to solve the problem with your pair partner. This is very important. Compare this to tons of web content out there where you use someone else's code to learn. They already figured out how to do it and you just repeat what they did. This is not how you learn to code effectively. You have to spend the time and invest a lot of hard painful thinking to be successful as a developer.

    Great team - Pair programming is a great way to learn. You make friends and every day you are coding with another person, learning and critical problem solving. It isn't always easy, but it is worth it.

    Job support - This is absolutely the most important thing. The outreach coordinators at Epicodus are top notch and focus every day on helping the graduates get jobs. They are constantly building relationships with the tech community which results in jobs. After you graduate you have to get busy and do hard work to get a job, but it is certainly way easier with the support of Epicodus.

    If you have ever heard the term “No Brainer” this is it. The choice should be easy. Sign up now!

    Epicodus is a wonderful program at an incredible price. Immediately after graduating I received multiple interviews at established companies and have already received two job offers. Your mileage may vary, but this seems like a pretty common outcome for Epicodus grads.

    Michael has done a great job of designing a curriculum that emphasizes best practices and technology used by actual software development companies. Anyone can learn how to hack around with a programming language or two. Epicodus, through behavior-driven development and pair-programming, teaches you how to solve problems using best practices as part of a team. That's invaluable.

    I can't stress enough how much of a bargain this program is. Michael, Maureen, Dustin, and the rest of the staff are all doing an amazing job. Highly recommend.

    I was lucky enough to already live in Portland when I decided to take an intensive programming course, but Epicodus was an easy choice. Here's a few reasons why:

    1.) Coming to programming from teaching, I was really impressed by the learning model compared to most of the competition: 100 percent learn-by-doing. The curriculum is highly relevant, well-explained, and scaffolded to let you learn at a pace that's best for you. Coming in with some programming experience? Go as fast as you want, up your skill set, and add projects to your portfolio. Does HTML, CSS, and TDD mean nothing to you? Don't worry, you will learn a TON and have a blast doing it with others who are right there with you!

    2.) A focus on pairing really helps you practice important interpersonal skills that are hugely important for transitioning to work in cutting edge development environments like Agile and Scrum. You'll work with lots of different people and get good at navigating a range of personalities and work styles.

    3.) A few instructors provide you with just enough support so you don't get stuck for too long, but not so much that you're not forced to practice the most important skill of all: pushing through programming challenges by practicing good problem solving. Nothing is more satisfying than thinking you need help, working a little longer, and realizing you don't!

    4.) The cost. I am quite serious when I say I got more knowledge and skill out of this course than my Master's degree, and that cost me about 15 times more. $3500 is a SCREAMING deal for what you will walk out of this course with: relevant foundational web development skills, knowledge of how to teach yourself further, and a network of support to help you land your first job.

    Bottom line: if you have an interest in the web, like solving problems, and are ready to work hard, then you should come to Portland.

    Due to the cost disparity between Epicodus and other code schools, I was initially a little wary of Epicodus. However after hearing feedback from engineering friends that have worked with Epicodus graduates, I made my decision to attend.

    Epicodus was completely worth it. It was worth my time and money. If I had to narrow it down to two reasons why Epicodus was so great, it would have to be the internship program and the career/job support provided by Epicodus staff.

    Epicodus’ internship program is amazing. Epicodus set me up with interviews with five different Portland startups for an internship during my fourth month of the program. Not only did Epicodus help me prepare for my interviews (e.g. reviewing resumes and projects), they also worked with companies to generate feedback for students. Working as a development intern for a month was incredibly invaluable—the value was truly apparent at my first job interview after Epicodus. There I was able to discuss and show the live code I worked on at my internship. I was also able to demonstrate that I was familiar and felt comfortable working a member of a fast-paced development team.

    Epicodus provided amazing career and job support. They provided cover letter reviews; they also arranged mock interviews, open source code sprints, and career fairs. Approximately one week after the end of Epicodus, I received an offer from a company I met at Epicodus' job fair. The staff at Epicodus was available to talk when I needed advice. Furthermore, they checked in with me for a few weeks (even after I started working) to make sure that I was doing alright.

    I am very glad that I attended Epicodus, and I would highly recommend it.

    moof · link

    I am so grateful to have done Epicodus. I wanted to change careers from politics to something that was more intellectually and mathematically challenging. Having known Michael for a long time prior to taking Epicodus, I knew that he was a bright and caring guy. I didn't look into any other code schools, and it turns out that I didn't need to. Initially, I was surprised that so much of our learning was self-directed. I expected there to be more classroom-style, didactic lecturing, but instead we spent our time learning by actually programming. I'm so glad that Epicodus is designed that way because it not only allowed me to learn a lot about web development but it also taught me how to solve problems on my own, work with a partner, and ask questions. Even more than knowledge of specific technologies, the problem-solving skills I learned during class are what I find most useful as a developer now. I was also pleasantly surprised by the diversity of my class in terms of race, age, and gender, given what I'd heard about the tech industry.

    Before Epicodus I had been doing research on coding bootcamps for about a year. They caught my attention because the program was longer in it's entirety than most and also cheaper. After having been through the Program and around Michael and his team for the second half of 2014, I can honestly say that this was the best investment that I could have made ever made education wise IN MY LIFE. NO BULLSHIT! Michael is truly driven by a genuine purpose of helping people get a foot in the door in this industry! Michael has created a program that is challenging and rewarding with a relatively low barrier of entry. He truly wants to expose those who want to learn to the programming world. He has created a great environment to grow and ask questions at a good pace. He also fostered a great culture of making adjustments for improvements as the class moved along. There is a constant flow of feedback between the students, the instructors and Michael, which is awesome. The class wasn't perfect just like anything else in life but I will say this. If you HONESTLY put in GENUINE effort and go in with an open mind you WILL learn more than what you could ever imagined in such a short period of time. Half of the battle is being mentally tough and just having the will to keep hammering it out and asking questions when you don't understand something. Missing a bunch of days just because is not going to cut it. You'd be selling yourself short. And FEAR, it is the number one killer of opportunities. I noticed that many people were so afraid of what might happen 3 months down the line because they had a bad day and couldn't focus. Tell fear, FUCK you and keep pushing!(excuse my language)! Some of those same people are now happily employed!! I told fear to fuck off and I am now also one of those employed individuals lol!

    Ultimately, The Epicodus program is lead by a really really smart, and most of all, GENUINE guy. And for any program/organization to be great, it must start from the top down, period. So if you are looking to Jumpstart or change your career, Epicodus will provide an excellent opportunity to do just that!

    Last year, I enrolled in Epicodus, a Portland-based web development bootcamp. I left my career and moved across the country without really knowing what would happen. It was a big gamble, but it really paid off.

    I initially chose Epicodus based on the price and location. I am still happy with these factors, but there are several others that I have come to appreciate as much or more.

    First, the curriculum is outstanding. It is accessible to someone like me who is relatively new to programming but challenging enough for more knowledgeable students. Not sure? Check it out yourself. The curriculum is all online at I am really impressed that Michael (the owner) is so transparent. There are no surprises here. You know exactly what you are buying.

    The current instructors are both former students who really know their stuff. They are patient, articulate, and knowledgeable. They have high expectations but don't leave anyone behind. Michael works closely with them to ensure that everything is going well and to troubleshoot any issues.

    Class is from 8:30 to 5:30 with a one hour lunch break. Each day, we code in pairs on practice problems. Some bootcamps boast about 12 hour days. I am grateful that Michael has a more realistic schedule. By the end of the day, my brain is mush. I usually spend a couple hours looking at material in the evening but it is at my own pace. I have found that rest and time off are really important to my learning process. Issues that are really confusing on Monday often start to make sense by Tuesday or Weds. Sometimes it just takes awhile for things to sink in.

    The student body is large. Probably larger than some bootcamps. I thought this might be an issue at first but it really isn't. 60 colleagues means there are 60 people to connect with and 60 people to turn to for help. When you are stuck, you try to figure things out with your pair, and if that doesn't work, you go to a peer. Instructors are a last resort. The idea is that in the real world, there aren't any instructors, so learn how to troubleshoot now.

    Community connections are a major emphasis. There is a lot of encouragement to participate in Meetups and other relevant events. Michael hosts a number of these at Epicodus itself and he is working closely with the local community to secure internships and bring in companies for job fairs. Michael seems to have a lot of great connections, which he has used to help place former students.

    Last but not least, the setting is fantastic. Epicodus is in downtown Portland in a large open space with stand-up desks and brand new iMacs. I ride my bike across a bridge and along the river to class each day. It is beautiful and there is always lots of interesting things to see.

    There was really no downside to my experience. Every now and then, I got confused by a reading, but Michael usually picks up on any issues and helps us through them. Sometimes, I worry that there is too much to learn or that I will forget something I learned a few weeks ago, but I think has more to do with working in a rapidly evolving sector than with the pace at Epicodus.

    After completing my coursework, Michael helped place me in an internship at a great startup in downtown Portland. The internship lasted four months and then they brought me on full-time. I'm loving what I do and thinking about what the future may hold.

    All in all, Epicodus was a great decision for me. There might be other bootcamps out there that would have worked out as well, but right now, I don't see how I could have done better.

    apdx · link

    Epicodus manages to provide a program that hits a perfect sweet spot in providing an environment that is rigorous and challenging as well as supportive and fun. The four months flew by, but it was hard to believe how much we'd covered in that time frame.

    The program's pedagogy is strong, and the topics covered are carefully considered and extremely practical for folks looking to start a career as a developer. What really makes Epicodus stand out, though, is the obvious care and investment the staff have in the program and in each class member during and after the class. Without a doubt, Epicodus provided an exceptional basis from which I was able to launch a career in programming.

    Prior to Epicodus, I had worked jobs where I was the 'unofficial IT guy'. I did some programming at home for fun and loved learning everything I could about the tech world. I wanted to find a true technical position, but my skillset and portfolio from self-teaching just weren't enough to get me in the door for any positions that I would be interested in. Because of the guidance of Epicodus's great staff, curriculum, and collaborative environment, I can now proudly say I am a full-time web developer at a great company.

    Epicodus is not a career panacea, though. It's not a magical place where people walk in with no knowledge and motivation and leave as senior developers. Epicodus is a great tool for people in the right position and frame of mind. Michael and everyone at Epicodus will tell you that you will only get back what you put into Epicodus. It's not designed like traditional schooling where you are constantly held to a standard and forced to complete objectives, or else! The purpose of Epicodus is to give students the right tools, guidance, time, and environment to quickly hone their programming skills. If you come willing to work (and often struggle!), you can be ready to be a developer by the time the class is over.

    Before I decided on Epicodus, I debated going back to college to get a CS degree. It would have been exceedingly difficult and expensive, especially considering I already had a liberal arts degree. I looked into other options and discovered coding bootcamps. I had heard very mixed reviews about some of the programs that were out there, so I was skeptical to say the least. I spoke with representatives from two other bootcamps before speaking with Michael (the owner of Epicodus). First off, Michael responded within an hour to my initial email requesting information, with a personalized response answering some specific questions, so I knew this wasn't some generic response. What sold me in the end wasn't just that Epicodus was FAR more reasonably priced than other bootcamps, but that all the people I spoke to at Epicodus sounded genuinely excited about what they were doing. I could tell Epicodus wasn't just a meat grinder trying to push as many people through as possible.

    I think the staff of Epicodus really is the best factor in the end. Never did I feel like I was being left behind or ignored. My questions, whether technical or otherwise, were answered quickly and professionally. I didn't have the greatest internship experience (due to some extenuating circumstances at the company), but Michael and Maureen were super supportive and worked with both me and the company I interned with to make sure the situation was resolved as best as possible. I know they've also taken my experience to heart in order to help other students avoid such situations in the future!

    bwood · link

    I found Epicodus to be a challenging yet supportive environment with a wide range skill levels, from complete beginners who had never coded before to obviously experienced programmers who were learning new languages.

    Prior to Epicodus I attempted to learn to program on my own. I even did my own “personal bootcamp” by moving to Asia and studying(on the cheap) full time for 3 months. Though did I learned a lot I learned WAY more in the same amount of time at Epicodus. The curriculum at Epicodus teaches how the magic underneath the methods works. It builds progressively by showing the long way to do something before teaching the easy way so you understand what is going on under the covers. Building apps from scratch every day made me comfortable with how to properly set up an application, writing clean code, writing good tests, using version control, using the command line, and so much more.

    As great as the curriculum was, I think what was even more valuable was learning with 59 other students. Pair programming is awesome! I learned so much just by watching others write code and problem solve. Pairing with a different person every day gave me the chance to work with a wide variety of personalities, which was occasionally challenging, and forced me to improve my communication skills, and of course they say the ability to communicate is the most important skill of a developer. I found that explaining myself to someone else helped me to better understand what I was doing. Having a large team of people searching for solutions to the same problems was great and now having access to a large network or developers is wonderful and I still take advantage that brain trust. It was also great to have such a large group when it came time to do interviews for internships, which was frankly a bit stressful. It was nice to hear about my classmates’ experiences and learn from their successes and failures.

    The instructors/coaches at Epicodus where very talented. They had a way of pushing me to toward the answer without giving it away so I still got a feeling of accomplishment when I reached the solution. Learning at Epicodus was like the difference between working out on your own and working out at a CrossFit gym. Nearly every day I went beyond the point where I would have quite had I been working by myself.

    I loved the facilities. I particularly liked the standup work stations. The weekly lunch talks by members of the Portland development community where inspiring. I got to hear the insights of a lot of great speakers(like the CEO of Treehouse!). Many former students would stop by and they were very helpful. And the price was hard to beat. I was confused at first and thought that must be the price per month because it was so much lower than other bootcamps. Excellent value.

    The best part of the whole experience is I now feel confident that I can figure out how to build just about anything I want!

    My advice to anyone who will be attending Epicodus is do the prework before you get there. Many students did not do the prework and they did just fine but I think it will make it so much easier on you if you do. The Epicodus prework is a good primer on coding and I recommend it to my friends who are interested in learning to code.

    My job in IT support was about to be outsourced and I hadn't been happy doing IT support for awhile. I wanted to learn to code for awhile but didn't have any experience. I made a quick decision to apply for Epicodus close to when their next class was about to start. I was happy to be wait listed and then accepted. Coding every day with a pair for 8 hours and then having a lesson to watch at home was exactly what I needed to learn how to code rapidly. I went from knowing nothing to starting to feel confident by the end of the class. I got an internship through the school and my internship went on to hire me and a few others from my class. This is the first time I can honestly say that I love my job! It's fulfilling to be doing something I actually enjoy and I know I wouldn't have had this experience from traditional schooling. I got a lot more of Epicodus than I did with 4 years of college. Epicodus was definitely the best investment I ever made in education and the best career move.

    keebz · link

    I worked in technology development as a project managers for years before I considered going to a bootcamp like Epicodus. I was a good project manager and I could stay employed pretty easily, the resume was impressive and I was head hunted by some pretty impressive people for career work. However, I was only good for the people who hired me. My job was actually stressful, confusing, and often a negative environment with those I was managing.

    It didn't take long for me to realize the real problem; I was managing coders and I didn't know how to code. Most project managers and those who hire project managers don't think this is a problem, but trust me it is! So, I went to the first coding school everyone goes to, Google. Self teaching was a nightmare. The internet has some good tools, videos, interactive sites that you think can teach you how to code in your spare time, but thats like learning a 2nd language from google translate (it's only possible in theory).

    I was living in LA at the time and was at the end of a project I was managing when I decided I needed to be more proactive in learning how to program and develop. Epicodus stood out as a great option. I always loved Portland and it was cost beneficial as well.

    I needed the 8 hours a day 5 days a week for a couple months to really re-learn how to learn a new language. Immersion learning works in linguistics, why not coding? Well thats exactly what it is and it works. Michael, who's runs Epicodus, put a great deal of thought into HOW you should learn coding. The order in which you go from language to language and simple ideas to complex ones are, in my opinion, almost perfect. I can honestly say that I could not have learned this skill set any other way. The pair programing structure and teachers are fantastic. My only regret is that I can't go through the new Java course they are now introducing.

    I moved to Nashville TN and I am now the director of an interactive media lab that develops technology for marketing, media, and businesses. Most of my work now is in Python and you might say "but Epicodus doesn't teach Python!" and they don't. But they do teach you how to "Learn how to program".

    -Lee Kebler

    Before I started Epicodus I had zero previous computer training. I was in HR and looking for something more fulfilling. I loved my experience at Epicodus. While initially nervous to start something new, I quickly grew comfortable. The teachers were really supportive and always around to answer questions. Pair programming also really helped me out because it allowed me to learn in a hands on environment while collaborating with my peers. I quickly grew more confident in my abilities and started working on my own side projects. Two weeks after completing the course I landed a full time job with a software company. I would recommend Epicodus to anyone wanting to take a coding boot camp. The ‘go at your own pace’ vibe, and support from everyone, makes it a great learning environment for anyone who’s interested in programming.

    When I started Epicodus I had zero knowledge of computers. Previously, I had been a musician and worked in digital music for a bit, but mostly considered myself an artist. In going to Epicodus, I wanted to jump on the technology bandwagon and see where it could take me.

    Epicodus was and is awesome!

    Everyday was about pushing myself to learn and think like a computer/engineer. I loved it. I would do it again. Though there were points when it took a whole 8 hour day in order to understand a concept, once I got it, it was like a light bulb went off in my head and thousands of new possibilities emerged. Part of the program is about learning to persist, and finding resources and support from the people around you.

    During the program, me and two others began a startup and spent many hours after class working out the details and arguing about the database architecture. The learning that takes place is a matter of what you want out of the program, and the more you put in the more you get out. The two programmers I worked with are still close friends and will tirelessly have technical conversations about JavaScript frameworks and new disruptive technology. We all ended up getting hired at the end of the program and our startup was put on hold. However, what we gained was the knowledge and experience (and code base) for putting together a company and working through it’s problems.

    I highly recommend Epicodus. It reshaped my career and changed my life trajectory for the better. The program is run by a team of caring professionals, the curriculum will constantly push you, and the people you meet will be friends for life. Currently, I am studying IT project management in an MBA program, and do consulting side projects for startups and small businesses.

    All the best and good luck!


    As the founder of a development agency, I have been very impressed with Epicodus graduates. We've taken on three interns from here to date, and we have plans to bring on another 4 people this summer.