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  • Coding Dojo

    2 positive, 0 negative
    Licensed Unlicensed
    Type of SchoolIn-Class
    Total Cost$8,750
    FocusFront-End, PHP, Ruby on Rails, Database
    Length9 weeks
    Class Size20-30
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  • I convinced myself for a long time that I could learn to code on my own. But then I finally had to ask myself -- well, have you learned yet? The answer was no. I didn't have the self-discipline and needed structure. I think the main value in Coding Dojo is that you're pretty much forced to go to school and apply what you learn for 8 (or more) hours per day every weekday for the duration of the boot camp. That is powerful and it allows you to really focus. You actually go through the tutorials/lectures and you actually sit down and code complete assignments/projects. Of course you can learn things on your own with tutorials or online courses, but most of it is subpar. Honestly, the fact that Coding Dojo curates that info for you is a huge value in and of itself.

    When I was trying to learn on my own, it took me 6+ months to get even the basics of C. In bootcamp, I learned PHP in 3 days. So there you go. Now I can also think critically about languages and structures that I didn't have a grasp on at all before.

    I'm sure a lot of people are curious about job search assistance. Coding Dojo has done a LOT for me in this regard. There are demo days where they bring in recruiters, tech talks regularly (with CTOs, Google employees, recruiters, etc.), mentors, apprenticeships with local companies, and more. I don't think this is atypical, but any dev bootcamp that doesn't provide this is just a non-starter at this point.

    I finished Coding Dojo about one year ago. It isn't 100% perfect, but it has certainly forced me to get comfortable with a TON of information and languages. I feel like I understand the basics of them, so it has been a good investment of my time and money. When I joined Coding Dojo, I had almost ZERO coding practice, but now I'd say I'm proficient with Javascript, jQuery, AJAX implementations, HTML/CSS, PHP, and CodeIgniter. I'm still working on becoming proficient with Ruby and Rails as well as OOP, MVC architecture, database architecture, etc. In terms of the biggest benefit of all of this, I can now start thinking about building stuff and it doesn't seem like some huge mystery I'll never solve. It's not that any of this seems easy to me, but I now have all the tools to think about and build apps without being totally lost about how to begin. It's been refreshing.