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  • Codeup

    14 positive, 2 negative
    Licensed Licensed as a Career School through the Texas Workforce Commission
    Type of SchoolIn-Class
    Total Cost$16,000
    Refund1/2 fee returned if no job offer within 6 months
    FocusWeb Development / Software Engineering
    Length4 months
    Class Size15-25
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  • Codeup was a great opportunity for me to be able to jumpstart my career instead of just having a job. It is a very rigorous course and as long as you put the time and effort to learn, your knowledge will increase immensely. Within about 2 months of graduating Codeup I acquired a full-time position in San Antonio with better pay, hours, and benefits than my previous job.

    Codeup was a great experience for me. They offered hands-on training and extensive support from their staff. I was fortunate enough to land a job with great pay within a month of graduating Codeup.

    Codeup will give you a solid foundation as being a developer. The benefit of Codeup over another bootcamp is all the help from the different instructors and also the preparation the staff gives to prepare you for the job hunt. The staff works hard to help you build a solid resume and also assist you in making the connections to employers after the bootcamp.

    Pretty good course for beginners. I went in with a very basic, mind you I mean VERY basic, understanding of HTML/CSS and came out learning enough to design a webpage with a database and upload it to a server. Can't compare it to other bootcamps of the sort considering this is my only one, but if you're new to programming it is a great place to start.


    Pretty good course for beginners. I went in with a very basic, mind you I mean VERY basic, understanding of HTML/CSS and came out learning enough to design a webpage with a database and upload it to a server. Can't compare it to other bootcamps of the sort considering this is my only one, but if you're new to programming it is a great place to start.

    I learned quite a bit and am glad where I'm at now but the class I was in is no longer offered. We were the guinea pigs for a front end development night class bootcamp and unfortunately it did not work out for it to keep going. The people were cool but we learned the lead instructor who was teaching the front end didn't even like front end from previous students. So that was a bummer and definitely lessened the experience. The CEO never really spoke much to us (probably because we were the night class) but randomly sent me a congrats message on Linked In once I got hired. One thing that really bothered me was that I was laid off from a contract job and asked to have my our alumni portal profile updated to show that I was available to hire again, but was told that the page was only to reflect their hiring rate and that they wouldn't change it. Left a bad taste for me. Plenty of pros and cons but you just need to make the decision if it's the best thing for you. But like I said I am glad where I'm at now so I got lucky.

    Great school, learned a lot more in depth concepts about programming from the instructors. They help you, if you ask for help, they try to make you fully comprehend the concepts. The staff helps you with writing and revising your resume so it looks the best, a big help to me. Since graduating from Codeup, I was able to receive a job offer as a developer in less than a week. The results and price speak for themselves.

    Don't hesitate to apply to Codeup. Knowledgeable instructors and great Course Material make for great outcomes. Be prepared to work hard and be ready for a career change!

    I spent a few years as a computer science major, and I have to say that I learned more practical skills in Codeup than I did in school.

    The instuctors are very thorough and helpful, and legitimately love their job. And best of all, within days of completion, I was getting interviews.

    If you are planning on doing Codeup, and have some coding experience, you might find some of the earlier sections slow. However, the instructors will be more than happy to point you to extra exercises.

    10/10, would definitely do again.

    ** I attended Codeup in June 2014, the second class ever of the program. I was a junior in college during this time and decided to finish my last year after finishing Codeup. I have now graduated college and now work full-time as a web developer in Austin.**

    The instructors, the curriculum, and the overall experience I had in Codeup was simply incredible. This course is expensive, but worth every penny.

    If you're afraid of programming, thinking that it may be too hard, you're wrong. Coding is possible for anyone, as the instructors will demonstrate countless ways on ways to learn programming on top of their already-fantastic curriculum and learning process. The curriculum isn't perfect, nor do they claim it is. But all of the instructors are humble and are there whenever you need help. If there's something you don't understand, they strongly encourage you to ask. They even hold study sessions every day and on weekends.

    The biggest tool of Codeup is the networking opportunity. They have a final project demo-day where they showcase all of the student's work throughout the 3 months and invite a bunch of company looking for developers. I met so many company execs and recruiters that called me for job interviews after finishing Codeup. And although many of my cohorts got jobs immediately after finishing, I decided not to pursue a job immediately and instead finish my bachelor's degree (I had taken Codeup while I was a junior in college and had the summer off). Since then, I just graduated college in May and my web development knowledge that I acquired at Codeup enabled me to continue practicing throughout college, and now I just landed a full-time position in web development in Austin. I'm so insanely happy with this outcome, because my college degree wouldn't have guaranteed me a job like Codeup did.

    This course is a great foundation for learning web development, and although anyone can do it, it will take dedication and hard work. The class is NOT easy, but it you can do it. Believe in yourself. Are you tired of your crappy job? Do you want to make a real effort and change careers? Or maybe you are like me, graduating college but knowing that a bachelors alone isn't enough to land a dream job.

    Codeup is for you, then. Take advantage of an incredible opportunity.

    I will describe Codeup as an awesome experience. The instructors are brilliant, and the flow of the program was really great. There are also great social events in and around the school you can attend. I would highly recommend the program if you are serious about learning and have the discipline to stick through it. For anyone thinking of changing careers, it is one of the best decisions I have ever made.

    Graduating Codeup has been life changing and nothing short of amazing! Although, I had a previous small taste of the tech arena, nothing on the same level as what I learned at Codeup. There were days when I struggled and even wondered if I had made the wrong choice with my career switch, I'm so glad that no instructor let me circle the drain and I never gave up! The curriculum, the instructors and support were top notch. The amount I've learned in 4 months is truly mind-blowing and the knowledge was quality, not just quantity. I couldn't have chosen a better place to get the foundation that I needed to change my career, and literally code up!

    I have Codeup to thank for my new skill set and my new job. The program was difficult, but I learned a lot in a short amount of time. The curriculum is very good, and the instructors care about your success.

    During the course, you build a portfolio that includes four web apps and a website. They help you with your resume and LinkedIn profile, and you have access to Geekdom and Geekdom events during the course, which is a great networking opportunity. There are lunchtime speakers every week from local tech companies. That's how I met my current boss: I walked up to him after his talk and introduced myself.

    I agree with another reviewer: I feel that I owe my new career as a developer to them. Going to Codeup was one of the best decisions I've ever made, and so far has made me much more employable than when I was just a college graduate who had taught myself HTML, CSS, and a little coding. The difference in how potential employers received me was huge.

    I pretty much owe my new career to the guys at Codeup. 6 months after I first enrolled, I got my dream job as a software developer in one of the fastest growing companies in the country. And I'm in my early 40's, so proof positive that its never too late if your willing to work hard. Thank you Codeup, I only wish you had been around 20 years earlier.

    Doing Codeup was a risk. You're putting down a significant amount of money to learn something you may have never thought you could do. Programming is simple, but not easy.

    After going through the course and having some hesitance as to whether I'd be good at it or not because math isn't my strong suit, I don't regret it a bit. The class is instructed by phenomenal teachers who have a ridiculous amount of patience. They're there to help you every step of the way and no question is considered stupid.

    If you're on the fence as to whether you should go through Codeup as a career change or you're just curious about learning programming, I would without a doubt do it. You'll meet awesome people, learn things that'll empower you, and make 2-3x what you were making before you walked in.

    Awesome bootcamp! very challenging but the instructors are helpful and truly care about the students development. I liked that they didn't always just give answers but instead, they challenged the students to learn how to answer their questions using a variety of tools and services.

    Not only are you taught the fundamentals of web development but at the end of the course you have several projects to show your skills to potential employers. All of interviews where I had offers (yes. as in multiple job offers), the hiring personnel had reviewed my code/projects and asked questions about what I built. I can't stress how important that is when it comes to looking for your first job as a developer.

    10 out 10. I had tough expectations for the course and they exceeded everyone of them. Now I'm working for a great company that I would have never been qualified for without Codeup.