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  • Code Fellows

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    Licensed Licensed Technical Education provider by the state of Washington
    Type of SchoolIn-Class
    Total Cost$10,000 for Dev Accelerator and $5,000 for Bootcamp
    RefundFull refund if no job within 9 months
    Deposit$1,000 due when accepted to the program
    FocusRuby on Rails, Python, JavaScript, iOS, Front-end Design and Development
    LengthDev Accelerator is 8 weeks and the Bootcamp is 4 weeks
    Class SizeLess than 20
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  • I chose codefellows after doing some extensive research and found this was one of the few in my area. Someone on reddit said: "they'll refund tuition if you don't land a 60k job within 6 months of completion."

    Well, I didn't get a job after I completed their course. Most of my class is still looking for work. The actual class was pretty good. The entire class become very close over the time we had together. CodeFellows tries pretty hard to keep the alumni group coming back together, but for one reason or another it just doesn't work.

    Unless you have no other option (i.e. can't learn online or alone) then maybe give it a try. There is a full refund if there is no job after 6 months.