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  • Bloc

    1 positive, 0 negative
    Licensed Unlicensed
    Type of SchoolOnline
    Total Cost$4,993
    RefundFull refund if you drop out within the first week
    FocusRuby on Rails, Full-Stack
    Length12 weeks
    Class SizeN/A
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  • My experience with Bloc was excellent: the content was comprehensive, the projects were challenging, and my mentor was extremely helpful. I had used other learning resources before Bloc (such as a few books, Coursera, Udacity, and Codecademy), and though they helped me build a solid foundation for programming, Bloc, in addition to teaching me plenty, showed me how to integrate everything I had learned and turn it into projects. As a result, I'm now comfortable with learning new programming tools on my own and using them to build stuff :). I also quickly acquired work with a local startup after finishing - and the lead developer, a tech heavyweight, is impressed by what I know, so I think that's a testament to Bloc's effectiveness.

    A great perk of being a Bloc alum is forever access to the completed course, which in my case is full-stack web development - and that access also includes the office hours. That means that new project ideas, new developments, and help from pros are always close by.

    When I was asked, the feedback I gave to Bloc was to incorporate even more projects into their curriculums, if possible. And after looking at their new courses and their updates to the full-stack web development course, they seem to have done so. The one-on-one, project-oriented approach is an amazing way to learn web development (or anything, really), so I highly recommend Bloc to people who may have hit a wall with their own pursuits, as I did, or people who just really want to dive in.

    I hope this helps anyone on the fence. Of course, regardless of your decision, I wish you the best in your knowledge trek. Remember: knowledge, practice, and projects!